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Grounds For Appeal, 2010

Gilmary bio

Gilmary was born and raised in Chicago; north-side, Irish Catholic which means she understands guilt. She’s a Cub fan, which means she understands grief. She is number seven out of eight kids, (six boys, two girls) which means she knows how to duck a punch.

Her husband says she makes the best toast on the planet. “If there were a toast making contest, honey, you would be the champion!” Paul Andrews, husband. (Most other food-stuffs coming out of her kitchen are politely declined.)

An actor in Chicago for most of her adult life, Gilmary ran her own theater company for many years in addition to working in commercials and industrial films. While shooting a Gatorade commercial (Be Like Mike) Michael Jordan once bounced a basketball off of her head! (Although, that shot didn’t make it to the commercial, you can click on the link here and watch the original 60 second commercial.  That's her with the number 6 on her shirt). She is the recipient of a Joseph Jefferson Citation for Ensemble work along with having performed in many other Jeff Recommended and/or Recipient shows.

The first song she learned to play on the guitar was Gypsy Rover. Her brother, Chris taught her the chords when she was eleven years old. She still remembers the chords and lyrics to The King of Glory, from her days singing in the choir at the Saturday night guitar mass. When she was only four years old, her brother Mark crashed a violin over her head, pretending to be the Hannah-Barbara cartoon character, El Kabong. So, it’s safe to say that music has always been a part of her life, in one way or another.

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